Angas Farm carries a wide assortment of soils, mulches, and aggregates that will fit your every need. Mulches are especially useful because they keep the soil moist and help in keeping the weeds out.

Mulches come in a wide variety of types including manure, wood chips and even crushed stone, replica Swiss watches as well as a variety of colors like red, black, brown and clear.

  • Manure
  • Wood Chips
  • Cedar
  • Sand / Brick Sand
  • Triple Mix
  • Top Soil
  • 3/4″ Clear Stone

Angas Farm is the only local business that offers the best prices for soils,  mulches, and aggregates.


  1. Yuzhe says:


    I’m wondering if you have any cherry blossom available in garden?
    How many kinds of them do you have?


    • janga says:

      Morning! We have two different types on our property but we sell a full five different varieties in our greenhouses. What type are you looking for?

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